Windows Phone 7 App Development Helpers and Time Savers

Für mehr Informationen zu diesem Thema in Deutsch siehe meine kommenden Artikel “Phone, Schweiß und Tränen” und “Aus App-Gründen ans Licht” im dotnetpro Magazin, Ausgaben 9 und 10/2012.

The Windows Phone is a fascinating app platform and Microsoft’s Visual Studio / Blend toolset is extremely powerful, but Silverlight can be a huge time sink and developing for the Windows Phone adds some. To  help streamlining your WP7 app development I am sharing some helpful experiences from developing my Currencies app.
Download sample code.
View Currencies demo video.

Balsamiq UI Sketch and Screenshot of Published App

Links to all posts of this series [I will add the missing posts as I find time to do so]:

  • User Experience
  • App Architecture
  • No MVVM
  • Development Tools
  • Fast Launch and Fluid UX
  • Asynchronous Web Requests
  • Use Tracing to understand your Apps Event Sequences
  • Good Error Handling
  • Agent Pitfalls and App/Agent Synchronization
  • Keypad (SIP) Tips

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