Have Passion for Your Work


“You’re a human being. Don’t let mediocre monsters get you; they are just a diversion. Check in. Bring your whole self to the job, including your emotional self. After all, that’s the source of your creativity. Your creativity is bundled up in those repressed feelings, constrained by conflict you try to avoid, awaiting that seriousness of purpose you keep putting off. Your creativity can’t be seen in that mess. Make it visible. Stir yourself up; stir up trouble. Conflict leads to passion, so you have no reason to fear it. Vitality is passionate. Care about how you spend your life.”

[From Software for your Head,  Jim and Michele McCarthy]
A book about creating and maintaining a shared vision and improving the ways teams work together. I read this book some years ago and while it was an interesting read, it left me with a feeling of uneasiness: maybe some of the recommended procedures are too personal (bordering to therapy) and might destabilize people, which could be exploited by bad-willing management.

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