About Opinions and Assumptions

There are two ways to do anything:

  • The wrong way
  • and my way 🙂

There are different types of questions[1]:

  • Questions of faith,
    such as “Does God exist?”.
  • Questions of opinion,
    such as “Who is the greatest baseball player of all times”.
  • Debate questions,
    such as “Should abortion be legal”.
  • Questions that can be answered to a degree of certainty by the application of scientific method, which are called empirical questions – in other words, those can be largely settled by the evidence.

Lets stick to the latter, define the requirements and limitations known and validate our opinions and assumptions via a test (ex: create executable architecture alternatives).

[1] The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirky.

About Peter Meinl

Perpetual Traveller, IT Consultant
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