Hidden Powers of Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 Search is way more powerful than many know:

Consider configuring your indexing options to include all folders on all your disks (including system directories)



MS discourages indexing of the folders ProgramData; Data; AppData; AppData, because “those are high-traffic locations that contain files that are in most cases meaningless (i.e. various applications’ temp files, binaries, etc)”.

Windows search does not search in hidden folders.
You can do an unindexed (slower) search in hidden folders by first unhiding them via selecting the folder option “Show hidden files an folders” – which I, in contrast to XP, no longer enable. See Basic Windows 7 Configuration.

Once unhidden you should be able to index them (I have not verified this).

Configure Search Folder Options


Try the features of the Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax


Ex: file:*.sql FK_BlogPost

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