Synchronize Windows Phone with Outlook Emails, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks

This post describes how I synchronize my emails, contacts, calendar and tasks across my desktop, notebook and Windows Phone.

I am using Outlook 2010 standalone (without Exchange sever) to manage my emails (hosted in Gmail via IMAP), contacts, calendar and tasks. Windows Phone 7 currently does not support synchronizing with a standalone version of Outlook. It only supports synchronizing with Windows Live.

To synchronize my calendar and contacts between Windows Phone and Outlook via Windows Live I use the Outlook Hotmail Connector. Because the connector does not support synchronizing Outlook tasks and the phone does not have a tasks app I switched from using Outlook tasks to remember the milk. To synchronize my emails I use Gmail.



After installing the Hotmail Connector I manually copied  my Outlook Contacts to the Hotmail Contacts folder in Outlook (CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V).


In contrast to Outlook Windows Live uses different calendars for public holidays and “normal” events. Outlook allows adding holidays to a calendar – however I was unable to add holidays to the Hotmail calendar. Thus I filtered the holiday events in the Outlook calendar and manually copied them to the Hotmail calendar.

In contrast to email the Windows Phone does not have a sync button to synchronize the calendar. After a while calendar changes do sync automatically.


I decided to use remember the milk instead of  One Note for tasks because I prefer to have all my PIM information in Outlook and its integration with One Note lacks complete synchronization. For an alternative approach (using a second calendar on the phone) see:
Use Windows Live to handle tasks on a Windows Phone

I created a remember the milk account and installed MilkSync for Outlook on my desktop and notebook and the WinMilk app on my phone. To use MilkSync one needs a $25/year pro account.


My email is hosted at my domain hoster

I configured

  • internet24 to forward incoming emails to my Gmail account.
    I am using Gmail because it offers 7+GB storage. This allows me to keep my complete email archive online, and prevents old emails from being deleted by the internet24 server (and automatically being deleted via IMAP in my local Outlook!).
  • My Gmail account as an IMAP account in Outlook.
  • My Gmail account in Windows Phone.

Open issues

I assume that appointments created by accepting meeting requests get placed in the personal calendar and not in the synchronized Hotmail calendar.

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  1. starsprite schreibt:

    Customers have been experiencing problems about sync between Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Outlook. Many solutions are out there but our customers are asking for easier to use information. I wanted to share out this Guided Walkthrough. It has step by step instructions and hopefully customers will find this a more user friendly experience. I hope people find this to be helpful. (Discl: I sit on a Microsoft team)

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